Introducing: SATELLITE STORIES {0}

Hailing from Oulu, Finland, these four young men are churning out energetic guitar-pop with little regard for how similar they sound to fellow European rockstars Two Door Cinema Club; and I have no problem with that.

File next to: Two Door Cinema Club, Friendly Fires, Delphic, Foals.


New: Cut Copy

New: Cut Copy – Take Me Over {0}

Sydney’s Cut Copy is one of my favorite bands of the last decade. Needless to say, the release of their new album, Zonoscope, will be greeted with rapturous applause. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, I’ve been able to indulge in the demo of their upcoming single, “Where I’m Going,” and, as of today, was able to hear their first official single “Take Me Over.”

The track exhibits a heavy synthesis of 80′s pop songs from Fleetwood Mac (“Everywhere”) and Men At Work (“Land Down Under”). This is no surprise given the band’s affinity for new wave/synth-pop in the style of late 80′s New Order singles. Nonetheless, I detect maturation in their technique and wouldn’t be surprised if the new album deviated from their signature sound. Either way, color me enthusiastic.

Zonoscope drops in early February of next year. Let the countdown begin.


New: MillionYoung

New: MillionYoung – Desperate Measures {0}

South Florida’s MillionYoung delivers yet another dream-washed melody on his latest track “Desperate Measures.” The tune kicks off with a staccato guitar-laced intro—reminiscent of numerous tracks from The xx’s self-titled debut album—and slowly scales upward before launching into a massive synth line at 1:54. It’s a worthy payoff for a great winter jam that will keep you cozy through the icy weather ahead. Give it a spin below.


Introducing: THE PASS

Introducing: THE PASS {0}

Meet The Pass, a new electro-pop outfit from Louisville, KY. They’ve already made quite an impact around the blogosphere for their immensely fun debut album, Burst. I’m currently on my tenth full listen and have no plans of slowing down. Check it out in full below.

File next to: Tokyo Police Club, Hey Champ, Phoenix, Passion Pit.


Thoughts on the band Local Natives

Thoughts on the band Local Natives {1}

Local Natives (formerly known as Cavil At Rest) is an indie rock band from Los Angeles, CA, and I think they rule. From my perspective, their song “Who Knows Who Cares” captures those times in our lives when we are truly alive, ecstatic, positive, and living in the moment. It encompasses everything that makes Local Natives a great band: dazzling vocal harmonies, swelling percussion, lush string arrangements, and accented piano notes. As a whole, their 2010 debut album, Gorilla Manor, is a real beauty and the band deserves every ounce of critical and popular praise they’ve received. I couldn’t be happier to see success fall upon such a talented group of musicians.

Oh, and their new music video is kind of awesome:

New MMMathias Remix

New MMMathias Remix {0}

This new MMMatthias remix of Berlin music duo I’m Not A Band, who combine their alternative electro with violins, is a real beauty. Allow it to warm up your weekend.

I’m Not a Band – Crazy (MMMatthias Remix)

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Introducing: JOY!

Introducing: JOY! {0}

Hailing from Montpellier, France, Joy! is a duo of brothers who are making electronic music with a flair for the dramatic.

File next to: DJ Shadow, Danger, Kavinsky.

Joy! – New York (Empire State of Mind – Remix)

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Introducing: STRANGE TALK

Introducing: STRANGE TALK {0}

The other day, I found a great new track called “Climbing Walls” by Melbourne electro-pop newcomers Strange Talk. After the third listen, I started to notice how familiar the vocals sounded. Sure enough, it seems that Strange Talk and Thieves of Aon are one and the same. Be sure to check out their new bassed up version of “Eskimo Boy”, a track which surfaced under the Thieves of Aon moniker several months ago; just before the band’s web page mysteriously disappeared. From what I can surmise, Thieves of Aon will primarily serve as their remixing brand, while Strange Talk will cover everything else. Expect big things.

File next to: Cut Copy, Van She, Gypsy & The Cat, Phoenix.

Strange Talk – Climbing Walls

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