Oldies: Home Video

Oldies: Home Video – The Smoke {0}

Brooklyn-based electronic rock duo Home Video create atmospheric jams that aims to heighten the senses, evident on “The Smoke,” my top pick from their 2010 sophomore LP The Automatic Process. There’s a heavy Radiohead influence on this track, too — always a plus.

“The Smoke” is perfect headphones music; best when played during a thunder and rain storm. And while reading a leather bound book. By candlelight.

Haha, I told you these guys were atmospheric ;)

Enjoy! – and apologies for the lack of recent posting. Expect regular updates in the very near future.


Oldies: Tame Impala

Oldies: Tame Impala – Half Full Glass of Wine {0}

This understated gem from Tame Impala’s 2008 self-titled EP exudes classic rock a la Cream and Led Zeppelin. The Perth four-piece hit it big last year with the release of their critically acclaimed debut LP Innerspeaker, but this previous record is equally deserving of your time.

Their label, Modular, assembled a great reflection of the track:

“['Half Full Glass Of Wine'] is the type of song you come across rarely with it’s half speed, double riffing magic. Kevin’s vocals float through the air like a magic carpet ride through an aural wonderland; the guitars dual each other in a call and response frenzy; which all leads up to a beast of a solo that holds you by the soul, galloping away in oblivion.”


Oldies: The Voom Blooms

Oldies: The Voom Blooms – Lovers {0}

The Voom Blooms were a four-piece indie rock band from Loughborough, England, who disbanded in 2009. Their sound was a blend of Bloc Party and Interpol, albeit leaning more to the post-punk side — a genre that I have worshipped for years. Although they released only one EP, entitled Nine Ships, it should be noted that this was probably the best one-off EP release from any band in the past decade. Bold statement, yes. It’s just that good. Check out “Lovers” — one of my personal favorites.


Oldies: The Rosebuds

Oldies: The Rosebuds – Get Up Get Out {1}

I recently discovered a boatload of backlogged albums that have been treading water in my iTunes library for several years now. This happens far too often in this day and age. In an effort to revive the classics of yesteryear, I’m starting a new category that spotlights the understated indie “oldies.” Here’s a solid track from 2008 called “Get Up Get Out” by a Raleigh band called The Rosebuds — who some of you might recognize from The Hood Internet’s mash up with Aesop Rock.