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What’s up everyone? Hope the new year is treating you well thus far! It’s cold and snowy here in Chicago, but life is good as always. I was able to finally put the finishing touches on my February 2011 Mix — The Groundhog Day / Snowpocalypse Special.

Please enjoy and be sure to stay warm out there!
Much love,


Track List:listen below!
01. Cut Copy – Pharaohs & Pyramids
02. Restless People – Days of Our Lives
03. Smith Westerns – Weekend
04. Foster The People – Helena Beat
05. Toro Y Moi – New Beat
06. MillionYoung – Easy Now
07. Pnau – The Truth (Jump Jump Dance Dance Remix)
08. Starfucker – Millions
09. Holy Ghost! – Do It Again
10. Memory Tapes – Today Is Our Life
11. Penguin Prison – Golden Train
12. Mitzi – India
13. Ginger Ninja – Sunshine (Eumig & Chinon Remix)
14. Punches – Feeling Right
15. Twin Shadow – Shooting Holes at the Moon
16. Peter Bjorn and John – Second Chance
17. Delta Spirit – Bushwick Blues
18. Young Galaxy – Peripheral Visionaries
19. Gorillaz – Empire Ants (Miami Horror Remix)
20. James Blake – The Wilhelm Scream

Re-Introducing: PENGUIN PRISON

Re-Introducing: PENGUIN PRISON {3}

Penguin Prison is Chris Glover, another talented NYC electro-pop wunderkind who makes intelligent dance music influenced by erudite New York disco types like Talking Heads and LCD Soundsystem. On his track “Golden Train,” I really dig the anti-techno intro, which features analogue bleep textures layered under Chris’ pop star vocals.


File next to: James Murphy, Hot Chip, Strange Talk, Holy Ghost!

Also, update your calendars and mark Feb 11 as the date the debut album drops. Soon after, when the record gets picked up by the mass media/communication channels, I predict that we all start throwing out the Prince, JT, and Pharrell comparisons — and with good reason. Let’s do the math on this guy: (1) he has the proverbial voice of an angel, (2) he’s one of the best guitar players you’ll ever see/hear, and (3) he can do an amazing Aaron Neville impression. He’s the total package; a one-man pop machine.

The only question remaining, though, is can he dance? If Chris can indeed pop and lock like MJ, then the world may want to get ready for the second coming of the King of Pop.

New: Memory Tapes

New: Memory Tapes – Today Is Our Life {2}

In September 2009, Memory Tapes delivered a dance-pop gem with Seek Magic — an album that no one saw coming, but one that was ubiquitously loved. Fifteen months later, new music from the NJ-based producer could not possibly arrive soon enough.

My eyes lit up last week when I saw frontman Dayve Hawk tweet “New Year // New Album.” One week later and we already have a sample of things to come!

Check out the new single “Today Is Our Life” from that forthcoming second LP. The track is also available on the Love SIC Disco compilation.

Around 1:04, I’m fairly certain that I hear the opening synth line from Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing In The Dark.” Perhaps a small ode to the most famous celebrity to ever come out of Jersey? (Aside from Snooki, unfortunately.) Respect for The Boss.


Introducing: AVICII

Introducing: AVICII {0}

Avicii happens to be a young Swedish producer with a preternatural power to churn out golden progressive house music. Since bursting onto the scene in 2008, he’s managed to release 7 singles (all very good) with the most recent being a seven-minute gem called “Street Dancer.” Check it.

File next to: Deadmau5, Mylo, Wolfgang Gartner, Daft Punk.


New: MillionYoung debuts Replicants LP

New: MillionYoung debuts Replicants LP {3}

Let’s keep the introductions short as I’m sure most of you are already familiar with Floridian dance-rock prodigy Mike Diaz — otherwise known as MillionYoung. To date, he’s released two breathtaking EP’s (Be So True and Sunndreamm) and a handful of shimmering synth-soaked singles. On January 11, his debut LP Replicants will be released as a digital download and, after many consecutive listens, I can certainly attest to how wonderful it is. So good, in fact, that it’s currently my Top Album of 2011. (Only 355 more days to go!)

If you’re a fan of fellow chillwavers Toro Y Moi, Washed Out, Neon Indian, Memory Tapes, and/or Teen Daze, then be sure to pick up the album tomorrow. And while you wait, check out a few of my favorite tracks from Replicants below.




New: Brothertiger

New: Brothertiger – Evening Glow {0}

Brothertiger is John Jagos from Athens, Ohio. I’m a big fan of his melodramatic synth-pop and hushed accompanying vocals. The new single, “Evening Glow,” exhibits a higher degree of danceability than his previous work on the superb Tunnel Visions EP — and I have no problem with that. Mr. Jagos’ music has that decisive ability to evoke imagery of sunny far-off destinations; perfect for the cold months ahead. (I’m looking in your direction, Chicago.) Give it a spin below and check out his bandcamp page for more.