New: MillionYoung debuts Replicants LP

New: MillionYoung debuts Replicants LP {3}

Let’s keep the introductions short as I’m sure most of you are already familiar with Floridian dance-rock prodigy Mike Diaz — otherwise known as MillionYoung. To date, he’s released two breathtaking EP’s (Be So True and Sunndreamm) and a handful of shimmering synth-soaked singles. On January 11, his debut LP Replicants will be released as a digital download and, after many consecutive listens, I can certainly attest to how wonderful it is. So good, in fact, that it’s currently my Top Album of 2011. (Only 355 more days to go!)

If you’re a fan of fellow chillwavers Toro Y Moi, Washed Out, Neon Indian, Memory Tapes, and/or Teen Daze, then be sure to pick up the album tomorrow. And while you wait, check out a few of my favorite tracks from Replicants below.




Friday Extended Play Mix 010711

Friday Extended Play Mix 010711 {0}

Happy Friday everyone. Thank you all so much for supporting this site over the past few months — I’ve had a blast getting things rolling. We’re now averaging 200+ unique visitors per day which is absolutely thrilling.

Here are a few gems that I’ve been loving the past few days; should help you finish out the week strong. Thanks again!

01. The Magician & The Gates of Love – Harvest (Teen Daze Remix)
02. The Concretes – All Day (Niva Remix)
03. Dent May – Eastover Wives
04. Waylayers – Fires
05. Gypsy & The Cat – Sight Of A Tear
06. Work Drugs – Third Wave
07. Reading Rainbow – Wasting Time
08. Futurecop! – Venice Beach (Germany Germany Remix)

Introducing: PAINTED PALMS

Introducing: PAINTED PALMS {0}

Loving this track from San Francisco-based experimental pop duo Painted Palms. “All of Us” is the opener from the new Canopy EP, which is available as a free download on their bandcamp page.

File next to: Animal Collective, Dan Deacon, Atlas Sound, (old) MGMT.


Video: The Wombats

Video: The Wombats – Techno Fan (Live) {0}

One of the most fun bands you’ll ever find, The Wombats, are currently putting the finishing touches on their upcoming second album, entitled The Wombats Proudly Present… This Modern Glitch, which is slated for a April 2011 release date. The Liverpool trio released two amazing singles from the album in 2010 (“Tokyo” and “Jump Into The Fog”) and recently performed a third track entitled “Techno Fan” live on BBC Radio 1 for Zane Lowe.

Needless to say, these guys are not joking around. Everything they’ve ever released has been incredibly catchy, and their new LP is definitely towards the top of my list for 2011′s Most Anticipated Albums.

Oldies: The Rosebuds

Oldies: The Rosebuds – Get Up Get Out {1}

I recently discovered a boatload of backlogged albums that have been treading water in my iTunes library for several years now. This happens far too often in this day and age. In an effort to revive the classics of yesteryear, I’m starting a new category that spotlights the understated indie “oldies.” Here’s a solid track from 2008 called “Get Up Get Out” by a Raleigh band called The Rosebuds — who some of you might recognize from The Hood Internet’s mash up with Aesop Rock.


Thoughts on the band Local Natives

Thoughts on the band Local Natives {1}

Local Natives (formerly known as Cavil At Rest) is an indie rock band from Los Angeles, CA, and I think they rule. From my perspective, their song “Who Knows Who Cares” captures those times in our lives when we are truly alive, ecstatic, positive, and living in the moment. It encompasses everything that makes Local Natives a great band: dazzling vocal harmonies, swelling percussion, lush string arrangements, and accented piano notes. As a whole, their 2010 debut album, Gorilla Manor, is a real beauty and the band deserves every ounce of critical and popular praise they’ve received. I couldn’t be happier to see success fall upon such a talented group of musicians.

Oh, and their new music video is kind of awesome: